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Kicking Up The Dirt - Mayor's Cup
Joanne White posted Sunday February 23, 2020.

Sprintcars returned to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for the Mayor's Cup and another round of USC Sprintcars, with Andrew Scheuerle standing victorious at the end of a gruelling and action-packed twin features format. Lachlan McHugh, who was relegated to the rear of the field after a spin early in the first feature, claimed second ahead of Bryan Mann, with Mitchell Gee securing fourth, despite inverting the N65 racer in qualifying, failing to record a qualifying time and missing the first round of heats. Danny Reidy completed the top five finishers, an impressive drive from the rear of the field after being relegated to the rear towards the end of the first feature while running inside the top three.

Qualifying got underway with six groups across three flights taking to the track for a series of qualifying laps. Aaron Kelly topped the leader board in flight one, stopping the clock at an impressive 11.480 seconds, with Danny Reidy (11.523) second ahead of Andrew Scheuerle (11.546), Daniel Cassidy (11.827) and Brodie Tulloch (11.955). Flight two saw Michael Saller steal the show, securing the top spot with a quick 11.269 second lap. Brent Kratzmann locked in second quickest in flight two, his 11.483 second lap enough to beat Lachlan McHugh (11.666), Cody Maroske (11.725) and Steve Greer (11.811). The final qualifying flight saw Robbie Farr secure the fastest qualifying lap in the entire field, stopping the clock at 11.201 seconds. Bryan Mann was second quickest (11.565) ahead of Adam Butler (11.580), Kevin Titman (11.620) and Dylan Menz (11.796). Mitchell Gee took a wild ride during flight one qualifying, climbing the fence in turns three and four, and while Gee walked away from the wreck disappointed but unscathed, he did not record a qualifying time.

Heat one started with Aaron Kelly from pole position with Danny Reidy alongside and Andrew Scheuerle and Daniel Cassidy sharing the second row. Kelly got the jump when the lights went green and led most of the opening lap until Reidy slid underneath the Q7 racer as they rounded turn four, taking the lead. Unfortunately for Reidy the race was promptly brought under caution when Mitch Gowland climbed the wall in turns three and four before coming to a stop on the track. A full restart followed, with Gowland at the rear of the field. Kelly again got the jump when the green flag flew, with Reidy settling into second, while deep in the field Brodie Tulloch slid underneath Nathan Black. Reidy came under fire from a hard-charging Scheuerle while Kelly extended his lead, entering lapped traffic just four laps into the event. Scheuerle was relentless, chasing Reidy and following him through lapped traffic while Cassidy sat comfortably in fourth. Scheuerle had a brief but unsuccessful look underneath Reidy but there was no stopping Aaron Kelly out in front as he raced to victory in the Q7 racer. Danny Reidy finished second ahead of Andrew Scheuerle and Daniel Cassidy with Brodie Tulloch home in fifth. Nathan Black, Mitch Gowland and Libby Ellis rounded out the finishers.

Michael Saller and Brent Kratzmann shared the front row for the start of heat two, with Kratzmann in the immaculately presented Q2 racer getting the better start when the lights went green and securing the lead on the top side. Kratzmann immediately started to open a sizable race lead while Saller held down second ahead of Lachlan McHugh. Mid-field Randy Morgan raced underneath Andrew Corbet to move into fifth and turned his attention to closing in on Cody Maroske. Morgan challenged Maroske for fourth but could not quite get close enough to get the job done. Brent Kratzmann went on to take the win ahead of Michael Saller and Lachlan McHugh, while Cody Maroske, Randy Morgan, Andrew Corbet, Steve Greer and Sean Rose rounded out the finishers.

Heat three saw Robbie Farr and Bryan Mann share the front row to take the green with Mann on the top side getting the better start and securing the lead as they rounded the first couple of corners. As Mann started opening a comfortable lead Farr came under fire from Kevin Titman, with Titman racing around the high side of Farr as they made their way through turn two. Farr had a brief but unsuccessful look underneath Titman but could not get the job done, with Titman soon pulling ever so slightly ahead of the NQ7 racer. Mann closed in on the back markers with two laps left to run, and with lapped traffic in play both Titman and Farr edged closer to the race leader. Bryan Mann went on to take the win, while Robbie Farr timed his run to perfection, slipping boldly underneath Titman as they navigated the final corner, stealing second just moments before greeting the chequered flag. Kevin Titman was forced to settle for third and led Adam Butler, Tim Farrell, Nicholas Whell, Brendan Scorgie and Dylan Menz across the line.

Mitch Gowland and Brodie Tulloch lead the field to green light conditions in heat four, with Tulloch securing the lead ahead of Gowland and Andrew Scheuerle, who had completed an engine change in the Q25 racer since the first round of heats, while Danny Reidy and Daniel Cassidy had a close battle for fourth and fifth positions. Tulloch had a comfortable lead while Scheuerle closed in on Gowland, the former Australian Champion having a big look on the inside of Q32 racer but was unable to find a way through. Reidy and Cassidy captivated the crowd with their thrilling mid-field battle, while Tulloch began closing in on lapped traffic and both Gowland and Scheuerle closed in on Tulloch with two laps left to run. Tulloch got a little crossed up in turn two of the final lap, with Gowland quickly racing around the top and into the lead before Tulloch ended up in the wall in turn four as he fought to regain the lead, bringing the race under caution just moments before the chequered flag. Gowland led the restart with two laps on the board and withstood a strong challenge from Scheuerle, and while Mitch Gowland went on to take the win it was fierce battle for second with Aaron Kelly having a massive look underneath Scheuerle as they raced closer to the chequered flag. Scheuerle, Danny Reidy and Aaron Kelly raced three-wide with half a lap left to run, thrilling the crowd as each driver held nothing back in the battle for second. Aaron Kelly crossed the line in second ahead Andrew Scheuerle and Danny Reidy with Mitchell Gee, Nathan Black, Daniel Cassidy and Libby Ellis rounding out the finishers. Brodie Tulloch did not finish the event.

Andrew Corbet and Steve Greer led the field to the green when heat five hit the track, and while Corbet secured the lead Brent Kratzmann was brilliant on the bottom and raced into second from position five as they raced through the first corner. Cody Maroske fought back and regained his position from Kratzmann with Lachlan McHugh following him through and relegating Kratzmann back to fourth. Randy Morgan started challenging Kratzmann for fourth while Maroske closed in on Corbet and began challenging for control of the race. Maroske had a massive look on the inside of Corbet but could not quite make his way in front, but the Q5 racer was relentless and kept the pressure on Corbet with McHugh closing in as well. Maroske slid underneath Corbet, with Corbet quickly returning serve, only for Maroske to again get through and take the lead. Corbet spun on the bottom of turn four, as Brent Kratzmann rode the fence on the high side, and while Kratzmann continued, the stranded car of Corbet brought the race under caution. With three laps left to run Maroske and McHugh led the field back to green light conditions and while McHugh had a bold look underneath Maroske for control of the race Maroske managed to hang on to the lead. Cody Maroske got the win ahead of Lachlan McHugh and Brent Kratzmann, with Randy Morgan home in fourth ahead of Michael Saller, Andrew Corbet, Steve Greer and Sean Rose.

The final Sprintcar heat of the night saw Tim Farrell and Dylan Menz share the front row for the start, with Kevin Titman and Adam Butler from the second row. Farrell initially secured the race lead but Titman was quick on the bottom and did not hesitate to race through underneath both Farrell and Menz to take control of the race. Bryan Mann and Robbie Farr raced side-by-side mid-field but Farr was quick on the top and soon made his way into fourth, turning his attention to Adam Butler. Farr made short work of sliding underneath Butler and into third and quickly started closing in on Farrell in second. With four laps still to run Farrell was under all kinds of pressure from Farr while Kevin Titman had built a significant margin over the rest of the field. Farr slid underneath Farrell as they raced closer to the chequered flag and while Farrell briefly tried to return serve, there was nothing he could do to get back past Farr. Kevin Titman got the win in advance of Robbie Farr and Tim Farrell, with Adam Butler, Bryan Mann, Dylan Menz, Brendan Scorgie and Nicholas Whell completing the field.

Steve Greer and Dylan Menz shared the front row for the start of the twelve-lap B-Main event, with Menz getting the better start and securing the lead when the green flag flew. Nathan Black, from position three advanced while Greer fought back in an effort to stay up the front. Mitchell Gee, who started at the rear of the nine-car field, began making his way forward, his sights set on not just on a top four transfer position but on the race lead. Gee challenged Brendan Scorgie while Brodie Tulloch faded back through the field. Menz had control of the race but was under increasing pressure from Greer, the Q84 racer having a big but unsuccessful look on the inside of Menz as they negotiated over the race lead. Scorgie and Gee raced through on the inside of Greer as they rounded turn one, the trio three-wide and thrilling the crowd but it was Gee who emerged in front of the trio and set his sights on Menz. Nathan Black closed in and started challenging Greer for the final transfer position, while at the front Mitchell Gee was on a mission and closed in quickly on Menz before racing beautifully underneath the Q46 racer with just a lap and a half remaining. Mitchell Gee went on the take the win ahead of Dylan Menz and Brendan Scorgie, with Steve Greer hanging on to fourth and securing the final transfer to the twin twenty-five lap main events. Nathan Black finished fifth ahead of Sean Rose, Nicholas Whell, Brodie Tulloch and Libby Ellis.

The first of the twenty-five lap feature events hit the track with Aaron Kelly and Robbie Farr sharing the front row for the start. Kelly got the jump when the green flag flew and secured the lead but Farr was too quick on the top-side, racing around Kelly and into the race lead, only for Lachlan McHugh to spin in the middle of turn four and bring the race under caution. The entire field took evasive action to avoid the stranded McHugh car, with McHugh taking to the restart from the rear of the field. A full restart followed with Kelly again getting his nose in front as the race returned to green light conditions, but Farr was again too fast on the high side and quickly powered the NQ7 racer into the race lead. Kevin Titman advanced only for Brent Kratzmann to slide underneath the Q59 racer but the race was promptly brought to a stop when Cody Maroske and Mitch Gowland came together, with Gowland getting the Q32 racer up-side-down. While both drivers walked away from the incident, both were unable to continue the event, their teams left with a bit of work to do before the second feature hit the track.

The third attempt to get the race underway was a little more successful, with Kelly again leading early. Farr again challenged for control of the race, searching top and bottom for a way past Kelly but this time Kelly managed to hang on to the lead. Farr settled into second ahead of Michael Saller, Brent Kratzmann and Bryan Mann, while Kevin Titman and Danny Reidy raced side-by-side as they negotiated over minor positions. Deeper in the field Adam Butler and Randy Morgan had a fierce battle for mid-field positions but the race was soon brought to another stop for an incident between the leaders that would have a significant impact of the rest of the race. Kelly and Farr came together while racing for the lead, with Kelly ending up in the fence and leaving a luckless Michael Saller with nowhere to go. Both Kelly and Saller were unable to continue the race, joining the growing numbers on infield, while Farr was relegated to the rear of the field for the restart, leaving Brent Kratzmann to lead the field back to green light conditions.

Brent Kratzmann wasted no time when the race resumed, quickly opening a comfortable margin on his rivals, leaving Andrew Scheuerle, Bryan Mann, Danny Reidy and Kevin Titman to negotiate over the minor places. While Titman searched for a way past Reidy, Kratzmann entered lapped traffic with eighteen laps still to run. Reidy challenged Mann, with Titman still on his tail, while Lachlan McHugh had made up impressive ground from the rear of the field and began challenging Titman for position. McHugh slipped underneath Titman and into fifth and turned his attention to Reidy and Mann, the trio having a breath-taking battle for the minor positions. While McHugh, Reidy and Mann captivated the crowd, the race was soon brought to a stop for the up-turned car of Dylan Menz, in an incident that also involved Daniel Cassidy and saw race leader Kratzmann suffer front wing damage. Neither Menz nor Cassidy were able to restart the event.

With eleven laps still to run and a badly damaged front wing Brent Kratzmann led the now fourteen-car field back to race conditions. Kevin Titman pulled out of the event with mechanical dramas on board the Q59 racer, while Danny Reidy had a massive look underneath Bryan Mann but could not quite make it through. Lachlan McHugh, now up to an impressive fifth came under fire from a hard-charging Randy Morgan, while Reidy finally managed to find a way underneath Bryan Mann. Kratzmann battled with an ill-handling race-car as Andrew Scheuerle and Danny Reidy closed in. Scheuerle looked to slide underneath Kratzmann and take control of the race, contact between the pair soon followed with Scheuerle getting the lead and Reidy getting up to second. Kratzmann fought back on the high side of Reidy but it all came undone for Reidy when contact with Kratzmann left him spun and stranded near the inside wall on the back straight, bringing the race under caution.

Andrew Scheuerle led the restart from Brent Kratzmann and Lachlan McHugh, with McHugh quickly making his way underneath Kratzmann and advancing to second, while Robbie Farr managed to get through on the inside of Mitchell Gee. Gee fought back, getting underneath Farr to take his position back, but the race was brought to another sudden stop, this time for Randy Morgan who had inverted the Q54 racer in turn four. Morgan was unscathed and with only twenty-three laps completed the race was declared. Andrew Scheuerle was credited with the win ahead of Lachlan McHugh and Brent Kratzmann, with Bryan Mann and Robbie Farr completing the top five. Mitchell Gee finished sixth ahead of Adam Butler, Andrew Corbet, Danny Reidy, Tim Farrell and Steve Greer. Randy Morgan was credited with twelfth ahead of Brendan Scorgie while Kevin Titman, Daniel Cassidy, Dylan Menz, Aaron Kelly, Michael Saller, Mitch Gowland and Cody Maroske all failed to finish the event.

After only a short break seventeen cars took to the track for the second feature event, now twenty-seven laps in duration. Andrew Scheuerle and Lachlan McHugh led them to green light conditions ahead of Brent Kratzmann and Bryan Mann, with Scheuerle securing the lead when the race got underway. Mitchell Gee quickly made his way underneath Robbie Farr, only for Farr to collect a rut and bounced into the fence in turns three and four, bringing the race to a stop in an incident that also involved Andrew Corbet. Both Farr and Corbet walked away from the incident but neither were able to continue the race.

A full restart followed with Andrew Scheuerle again leading and Brent Kratzmann this time getting underneath Lachlan McHugh. Kratzmann and McHugh looked to get underneath Scheuerle, the trio three-wide for the race lead, but it was Scheuerle who emerged in front ahead of McHugh and Kratzmann. Bryan Mann joined the battle, slipping underneath Kratzmann and into third while Mitchell Gee and Danny Reidy, who had both had impressive drives from the rear of the field, fought over mid-field positions, but the race was brought under caution again when Michael Saller slowed to a stop with mechanical woes that ended his race with twenty-two laps still to run.

Andrew Scheuerle led the restart from Lachlan McHugh and Bryan Mann, with Brent Kratzmann in fourth. Danny Reidy was in fine form, racing underneath Adam Butler before having a bold look underneath Kratzmann for fourth. Adam Butler found himself under enormous pressure from Mitchell Gee, the pair exchanging places back and forth several times. Scheuerle led comfortably, opening a small margin on McHugh and the rest of the field before entering lapped traffic with eighteen laps still to run. McHugh closed in on Scheuerle in lapped traffic, with Mann too closing in on the leaders as they began making their way past the back markers. All eyes were on Scheuerle and McHugh, with McHugh having a massive look on the inside of the former Australian Champion but was not quite able to get through. The race was brought under caution for the spun car of Steve Greer with nine laps to run.

Andrew Scheuerle led the restart from Lachlan McHugh, Bryan Mann and Brent Kratzmann, and while Kratzmann immediately came under pressure from Danny Reidy, Reidy soon managed to make his way into fourth. Kratzmann fought back and contact between the pair ended with Kratzmann making contact with the wall and dropping back a few positions. Scheuerle was comfortable out in front but McHugh again closed in when the lapped traffic came into play once more with five laps left to run. McHugh had a massive look underneath Scheuerle but Scheuerle was able to hang on to the lead, withstanding another couple of big challenges from McHugh over the final few laps. McHugh slid underneath Scheuerle and took the lead, only for Scheuerle to immediately return serve and regain the lead. McHugh had one last look as they rounded the final corner but it was Andrew Scheuerle who got the win ahead of Lachlan McHugh and Bryan Mann, with Mitchell Gee home in a very impressive fourth. Danny Reidy rounded out the top five and crossed the line ahead of Brent Kratzmann, Randy Morgan, Cody Maroske, Tim Farrell, Adam Butler, Brendan Scorgie, Steve Greer and Mitch Gowland. Michael Saller, Andrew Corbet, Kevin Titman and Robbie Farr all failed to finish the action-packed affair.

Sprintcars Queensland will head back to Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway next Saturday night, 29 February 2020 for another round of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series. Come and join us trackside for a massive night of Sprintcar racing.


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