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Kicking Up The Dirt - Super Sevens Series - Round 1
Joanne White posted Sunday January 3, 2021.

Sprintcars Queensland headed to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for Round One of the Sprintcar State's Series QLD/NSW: Super Sevens Sprintcar Series, and while it was starting to look likely that Lachlan McHugh was going to get another win under his belt, Mother Nature intervened and the feature event was cancelled after just six laps. McHugh was leading when the event was cancelled, with Taylor Prosser second ahead of Andrew Wright, Randy Morgan and Cody Maroske.

Qualifying got underway with Kevin Titman first to hit the track and set the benchmark at 10.893 seconds, with Marcus Dumesny quick to lower the mark to 10.812 seconds. Taylor Prosser soon went quicker again, stopping the clock at a very quick 10.736 seconds on his first qualifying circulation before promptly bicycling the Q91 racer on his second lap and inverted the car in absolutely spectacular fashion and brought qualifying to a stop. Prosser walked away from the wreck and the team got to work behind the scenes repairing the damage while there was lengthy delay at the track while track staff worked tirelessly to rectify an unrelated issue that affected both power and the timing system. With the track conditions changing considerably during the delay, lap times when qualifying resumed were a little slower, and no one could get close to Prosser who secured the quickest qualifying time of the night. Marcus Dumesny was second quickest head of Kevin Titman, while Lachlan McHugh (10.916) and Luke Oldfield (10.951) rounded out the fastest five and were the last of the cars able to get into the ten-second bracket. Callum Walker, fresh from his maiden feature race victory in Brisbane on Friday night, beat Andrew Corbet by just 0.001 of a second, while the top twenty-one cars, in a field of thirty-two, were separated by less than one second.

Heat one started with Todd Moule and Daniel Cassidy sharing the front row for the start, with Ryan McNamara and Mark Pholi close behind. Moule got the lead when the lights went green, while Pholi had a moment of near disaster coming out of turn two after contact with another competitor and faded to the rear of the field. Jock Goodyer raced around the top side and headed toward the front of the field while Ryan McNamara and Randy Morgan raced for mid-field positions and Andrew Wright and Taylor Prosser battled further back in the running order. Wright soon pulled ahead of Prosser and set out after Morgan, leaving Prosser to try and defend his position from a hard-charging Mark Pholi. Daniel Cassidy went on to take the win ahead of Jock Goodyer and Todd Moule, with Ryan McNamara, Randy Morgan, Andrew Wright, Mark Pholi, Taylor Prosser, Sean Rose and Libby Ellis rounding out the finishers. Scott Genrich pulled out of the event and failed to complete the ten-lap journey.

As heat two hit the track Cody Maroske had throttle linkage problems as they pushed off ready to line up and while Maroske was able to get the problem sorted before the start he was forced to the rear of the field to take the green. Terry Kelly and Jayden Peacock shared the front row for the start with Peacock quick to secure the lead when the green flag flew only for the race to be brought under caution after a somewhat messy start for most of the field. A full restart followed with Terry Kelly this time getting the jump on the start and taking control of the race. Andrew Corbet and Jai Stephenson initially had a close battle for the minor positions that nearly ended in disaster, while Kelly and Peacock had a thrilling battle for the race lead, the pair exchanging places back and forth several times before Peacock spectacularly raced around the top side and into the lead. Marcus Dumesny advanced while Luke Oldfield made his way around Kelly and into third before beginning to close in on Dumesny with a handful of laps left to run. A very rough track made for difficult track conditions and a caution soon followed after Jai Stephenson and Cody Maroske became caught up in turn two, with Stephenson tipping the NS45 racer on its side, landing on Maroske. Both Maroske and Stephenson failed to restart the event. Peacock led them back to green light conditions for a quick two-lap dash to the chequered flag and while both Dumesny and Oldfield challenged for the lead, it was Jayden Peacock who took the win ahead of Marcus Dumesny, Luke Oldfield, Terry Kelly, Peter Doukas, Chris McInerney, Andrew Corbet, Nathan Black and Zack Howell. Jai Stephenson and Cody Maroske did not finish the event.

Steve Greer and Nicholas Whell led the field to green light conditions for the start of heat three, with Greer initially securing the lead while Callum Walker tried to advance. Nicholas Whell and Jackson Delamont charged towards the front, the pair quickly taking over first and second as Greer faded, with Whell soon taking control of the race while things got a little chaotic in the battle for the minor places, leaving Jackson Delamont with nowhere to go. Contact between Delamont and the right rear of Menz ended with Delamont inverting the N48 racer, with Delamont unable to restart the race. Whell led the restart from Greer, Allan Woods, Menz and Walker, with Menz having a brilliant run on the inside and getting underneath both Greer and Woods in an impressive run on the bottom, but slight contact with Woods saw Menz turn the Q46 racer around in front of the rest of field, who, mostly, did a remarkable job to avoid the stranded car. All that is except a luckless Kevin Titman who spun to a stop in an effort to avoid Menz. Menz was unable to restart the event but Titman took to the restart from the rear of the field. Whell again led the restart from Greer and Woods with eight laps still to run. Woods had a big look underneath Greer while McHugh raced around them both, with Woods then following McHugh around Greer. Greer was left to try to defend his position from Callum Walker, but Walker proved too quick and soon got the job done and moved into fourth after initially dropping back several positions on the start. Titman and David Donegan searched for a way past Steve Greer, while at the front of the field Nicholas Whell had Lachlan McHugh all over his tail tank. Lachlan McHugh made his way past Whell in lapped traffic and took control of the race before going on to take the win ahead of Nicholas Whell and Allan Woods, with Callum Walker, Steve Greer, David Donegan, Kevin Titman and Michael Rowell rounding out the finishers. Jackson Delamont and Dylan Menz both failed to finish the event.

Peter Doukas started heat four from pole position, with Andrew Corbet sharing the front row as they took the green. Doukas quickly secured the lead in advance of Corbet while Jayden Peacock and Ryan McNamara negotiated over third and fourth, trading places several times before Peacock secured the advantage and started closing in on Corbet. Strong winds made difficult track conditions a little trickier but that did not seem phase Doukas as he began to make his way through lapped traffic. With four laps left to run McNamara again closed in on Peacock but it was Peter Doukas who got the win ahead of Andrew Corbet and Jayden Peacock with Ryan McNamara settling for fourth ahead of Marcus Dumesny, Andrew Wright, Mark Pholi, Jackson Delamont, Kevin Titman, Libby Ellis and Zack Howell.

Dylan Menz inherited pole position for the start of heat five with Jai Stephenson not fronting to take the green, with Todd Moule sharing the front row. Menz got a great start when the green flag flew, quickly securing the race lead as he headed into turn one, leaving Moule in second, while deeper in the field Lachlan McHugh began making his way forward, racing around the high line and towards the front of the field. McHugh made his way into third behind Menz and Daniel Cassidy with Callum Walker in fourth while Taylor Prosser, Allan Woods and Todd Moule had a fierce battle for fifth. McHugh closed in on Daniel Cassidy, while Menz extended his lead, but it was not long before McHugh got underneath Cassidy when the NS15 racer got a little unsettled. Once past Cassidy, McHugh wasted no time closing in on Menz as Menz approached lapped traffic. With just a couple of laps left to run McHugh was all over the back of Menz, chasing him all the way to the line and searching relentlessly for a way into the race lead, but it was Dylan Menz who got the win ahead of Lachlan McHugh and Daniel Cassidy with Callum Walker home in fourth. Allan Woods finished fifth and led Todd Moule, Taylor Prosser, David Donegan, Nathan Black and Scott Genrich across the line.

The final heat of the night saw Steve Greer and Terry Kelly share the front row for the start, with Nicholas Whell and Cody Maroske close behind. Greer and Kelly raced side-by-side into the opening few corners, while Luke Oldfield, from position eight, starting quickly making his way forward, racing straight between his rivals and getting past both Randy Morgan and Nicholas Whell in quick succession. Cody Maroske was brilliant on the top side, while Oldfield and Greer battled mid-field, almost coming together in turn four as Oldfield raced underneath Greer and advanced one position closer to the front. Randy Morgan and Jock Goodyer battled mid-field while Luke Oldfield began to close in on Terry Kelly before having a massive but initially unsuccessful look underneath the S37 racer. Oldfield switched to the top side to race around Kelly and started trying to close in on Maroske and the race lead with two laps left to run. Jock Goodyer and Nicholas Whell fought over minor places, exchanging places back and forth, but it was Cody Maroske who got the win ahead of Luke Oldfield and Randy Morgan, with Terry Kelly, Jock Goodyer, Nicholas Whell, Steve Greer, Chris McInerney, Michael Rowell and Sean Rose rounding out the finishers.

The B-Main saw Ryan McNamara line up in pole position with Mark Pholi alongside for the start of the fifteen-lap journey. McNamara was quick to secure the lead while Pholi settled into second as Nicholas Whell and Steve Greer had a great battle over the minor positions, but one that very nearly ended in disaster. Pholi was absolutely relentless as he chased down McNamara and fought for control of the race, clearly not content to just settle for second, however the race was soon brought under caution when Zack Howell spun the Q13 racer just as the leaders were about to put him a lap down. McNamara led the restart from Pholi with Peter Doukas in third but quickly having a bold look underneath Pholi in an unsuccessful attempt to move into second. Pholi refused to surrender the position, leaving Doukas in third, while Jackson Delamont and Nicholas Whell negotiated over minor positions a little further back. Sean Rose inverted the Q56 racer and brought the race to another stop soon after with McNamara again leading the restart from Pholi and Doukas. Delamont and Whell resumed their battle when the race got back underway, trading places back and forth several times until the race was brought to another stop when Steve Greer inverted the Q84 racer. Fortunately for Greer though the damage was not quite enough to end his race, with Greer restarting at the rear of the field. McNamara led the restart from Pholi, the pair quickly opening a small margin on the rest of the field, with Doukas closing in on Pholi a little as they began to navigate lapped traffic. Ryan McNamara got the win ahead of Mark Pholi and Peter Doukas, while Nicholas Whell crossed the line a solid fourth to earn his place at the back of the A-Main starting grid. Jackson Delamont finished fifth in the B-Main and led David Donegan, Jai Stephenson, Terry Kelly, Scott Genrich, Libby Ellis and Zack Howell across the line. Steve Greer pulled out of the event having completed just eleven on the fifteen laps, with Todd Moule and Sean Rose also failing to finish the event.

With rain approaching the speedway and the program significantly behind schedule due to the earlier technical difficulties twenty Sprintcars filed onto the track for the A-Main, scheduled to run over thirty-five laps. Marcus Dumesny and Lachlan McHugh shared the front row for the start, with McHugh quick to secure the lead when the lights went green. Dumesny on the other hand had a moment in turn one and faded quickly, with Luke Oldfield also caught up, the Q17 racer also loosing several positions and dropping back outside the top five. McHugh led, with Taylor Prosser second while Oldfield made his way back up to seventh and had his sights set on sixth. In just four laps McHugh entered lapped traffic, weaving through the back makers ahead of Prosser and Andrew Wright, but the race was soon brought to a stop with twenty-nine laps still to run when Peter Doukas inverted the V98 racer, with Daniel Cassidy also involved. Both drivers were unscathed but out of the race and disappointed in the result. Light rain had begun falling across the venue, getting heavier and persisting as the track crew tried to clean up the crash and get the cars off the track and while the rest of the field was restarted, the track was quickly becoming too wet and officials were left with no option but to cancel the rest of the race. With plenty more racing to come over the next week, it was the best option for the safety of drivers, cars, crew and officials. Lachlan McHugh was leading when the race the was cancelled and seemed on track to take yet another win had Mother Nature not intervened, with Taylor Prosser holding down second in advance of Andrew Wright, Randy Morgan, Cody Maroske, Luke Oldfield, Allan Woods, Dylan Menz, Kevin Titman, Jayden Peacock, Marcus Dumesny, Jock Goodyer, Andrew Corbet, Ryan McNamara, Callum Walker, Mark Pholi, Chris McInerney and Nicholas Whell. Both Daniel Cassidy and Peter Doukas would have been unable to restart the race had it been able to continue. Mother Nature wins this time.

Sprintcars Queensland are now set to return to Archerfield Speedway TONIGHT, Sunday 03 January 2021, for Round Two of the Sprintcar State's Series QLD/NSW: Super Sevens Sprintcar Series. We have another HUGE field of nominations and are keen to get back trackside for another MASSIVE night of Sprintcar racing. Come and join us Archerfield Speedway tonight or, if you cannot make it to the track, tune in LIVE via speedwayaustralia.tv (for a small fee) and see all the action for yourself. See you soon race fans!


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