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  • Sunday   November 11, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series Round 3

    Twenty-Seven Sprintcars rolled into Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night for round three of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series, with Lachlan McHugh getting the win and becoming the first driver to get two wins on the board this season. McHugh was magnificent out in front during the feature event, weaving through the traffic and withstanding relentless pressure from a very much in-form Mitchell Gee. Luke Oldfield closed in during the later stages of the race, challenging Gee for second, but it was still Lachlan McHugh who got the win, with Mitchell Gee home in second and Luke Oldfield rounding out the podium in third. Allan Woods and Peter Lack completed the top five, while Randy Morgan, in his first race back this season finished an impressive sixth after transferring from the B-Main, and Kristy Bonsey, who had started back in 11th in the B-Main, had a sensational driver to bring the Q42 car across the line in ninth. Ryan McNamara, in only his second race meeting in a Sprintcar, not only qualified for the A-Main, but also put on a spectacular show as he raced his way home in fourteenth position.
  • Sunday   November 4, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - USC Qld + Ultimate Speedway Challenge R1

    Sprintcars Queensland returned to Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba last night for another round of the Queensland Ultimate Sprintcar Championship and the first night of the Ultimate Speedway Challenge. The racing was absolutely phenomenal all night, but it was young gun Jayden Peacock who upstaged the entire field, from charging from the back of his heats, to winning the Pole Shuffle, and finally completely dominating the A-Main to take his maiden feature race win in a Sprintcar. Luke Oldfield challenged Peacock for the lead but a cut down left rear tyre prematurely ended his race with eight laps still to run, while Lachlan McHugh challenged in the closing stages of the race, momentarily gaining the lead before the race was brought under caution. Peacock regained the lead for the restart and didn't look back, and while McHugh again closed in once lapped traffic came into play, it was Jayden Peacock who got a well-deserved win. Lachlan McHugh finished second while Mitchell Gee made a late race pass around the top-side of Robbie Farr to secure third. Andrew Scheuerle got the better of Farr as they raced closer to the chequered flag and crossed the line in fourth with Robbie Farr rounding out the top five.
  • Sunday   October 28, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series Round 2

    After an series of wet weekends in Queensland we finally had Mother Nature on side last night for Round Two for the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series at Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway. With over thirty cars in attendance, a dry, slick track surface, and a somewhat different format for proceedings, we were in for a HUGE night. Peter Lack was the eventual winner, leading the main event while withstanding challenges from Brent Kratzmann, Lachlan McHugh early in the race, before going wheel-to-wheel with a very hard-charging Allan Woods for the reset of the 30-lap journey. Lack got the win with Woods in second and Brent Kratzmann, who faded back as far as fifth just five laps in, patiently worked his way back to third and began chasing down the leaders. Kratzmann displaced both Steven Lines and Lachlan McHugh and crossed the line in third to round out the podium, while McHugh finished fourth ahead of Luke Oldfield. Lines failed to finished event after coming together with a lapped car while running in third with two laps left to run.
  • Sunday   September 23, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt – ECL Series Round 1

    Lachlan McHugh secured his first feature race win of the season last night, beating Andrew Scheuerle and early leader Peter Lack to the chequered flag in Round One of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series at Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway. We started the 2018-2019 Brisbane season with a massive 35-car field, and while Lack beat McHugh off the front row on the start of the main race, McHugh was relentless as he searched for a way past the Q5 racer. Lack hung to the lead until around mid-race distance before McHugh found his way in front, leaving Lack with a very determined and focused Andrew Scheuerle on his tail. Scheuerle was in truly magnificent form, the Q25 Ausdeck Patios racer giving all he had as he chased down Lack, before taking second in the later stages of the race. Andrew Scheuerle crossed the line in second, closing in quickly on McHugh in lapped traffic, with Peter Lack rounding out the podium, a successful second start to the season for the team after disappointing results in Toowoomba last weekend. Brent Aprile had a phenomenal drive in the NQ42 racer and crossed the line in fourth, after having initially started from position six in the B-Main, while Brent Kratzmann came home in an impressive fifth. Kratzmann had been making substantial progress towards the front of the field, having started back in twelfth, but a damaged front wing with about a dozen laps left to run slowed his progress. Kevin Titman and Mitchell Gee were running inside the top five, but contact between the two with twelve laps left to run saw them both relegated to the rear of the field.
  • Sunday   September 16, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - USC Round 1 - Carnival of Power

    It has been a long off-season but the 2018-2019 race season finally kicked off last night with a brilliant night of racing at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba for the Carnival of Power and Round 1 of the USC Queensland Championship. Mother Nature gave us a perfect day to start the season and over 30 Sprintcars rolled into the high banks of the Toowoomba venue to put on a thrilling show for the large crowd in attendance. A brief, and very unexpected, rain delay halted proceedings for an hour after the heats concluded, making for an extremely fast track for the main events. Robbie Farr and Brent Kratzmann led the early stages of the A-Main, with Farr in control but Kratzmann repeatedly catching him in lapped traffic to challenge for the lead. With about a dozen laps left to run Steven Lines started his run towards the front, taking to high side to get around Kratzmann in heavy lapped traffic. Lines set his sights on Farr and, with just three laps to run, again used the lapped traffic to his advantage, slipping underneath Farr to take control. Farr of course fought back hard, but it was Steven Lines who got the win ahead of Robbie Farr, while Lachlan McHugh challenged Brent Kratzmann coming out of the final corner. McHugh and Kratzmann were side-by-side as they crossed the line, with Kratzmann hanging on to finish third. Lachlan McHugh, just 0.064 seconds behind Kratzmann, crossed the line in fourth with Andrew Scheuerle rounding out the top five.
  • Sunday   June 10, 2018 Kicking Up the Dirt - 2017-2018 Awards Night

    Our 2017-2018 race season officially concluded last night with a huge presentation dinner held at the beautiful Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane. Sprintcars Queensland drivers, crews, officials and sponsors dressed up for the elegant affair, in which we were treated to a night of relaxed fun, good food and plenty of entertainment as we celebrated the absolutely massive season that we have just had, the achievements of our drivers and teams, and thanked our invaluable volunteers, supporters and sponsors.
  • Sunday   May 27, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - East Coast Logistics Series - Grand Final

    Mother Nature had one last go at taking out the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Championship at Archerfield Speedway last night, some persistent late afternoon showers causing a rain delay of nearly an hour before the pit gates even opened, leaving us with a very wet track. Track conditions led to some interesting qualifying results and heat grids, and with both Club Championship and East Coast Logistics Track Championship points on the line, we certainly had an interesting night of Sprintcar racing. By the final fall of the chequered flag it was Peter Lack who secured the win in our final race of the 2017-2018 season while Andrew Scheuerle charged home in second after another impressive drive in the Q25 Ausdeck Patios and Roofing racer. Mitchell Gee, who endured a horrendous run of bad luck in his heats, had a truly mesmerising run to cross the line in third after initially being scheduled to start the B-Main from position ten and subsequently charging through both the B and A-Main fields. Brock Dean had a solid run in the Q8 racer to finish fourth while pole-sitter Kevin Britten managed to hang on to fifth despite a last lap challenge from Brent Kratzmann, the pair crossing the line side-by-side with Britten hanging on to fifth by just 0.019 seconds, leaving Brent Kratzmann, who came from the rear of the field after an opening lap incident, to settle for sixth.
  • Sunday   May 20, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - East Coast Logistics Series - Round 15

    Luke Oldfield was absolutely unstoppable at Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night as he sailed to victory in Round 15 of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Track Championship. Oldfield started the race back in sixth after an incident in an earlier heat briefly slowed his progress, but once the lights went green to get the eighteen-car A-Main field underway, Oldfield had a single focus. Weaving his way past the opposition, Oldfield made his way into third in just eight laps, before setting his sights on Michael Saller and Ben Hilder, displacing both drivers and taking control of the race just four laps later, racing underneath early leader Hilder as they rounded turn four with eighteen laps still to run. Once in front, Oldfield immediately started opening a comfortable margin, weaving his way past the back markers, patiently waiting for the right opportunities to slip through the traffic, and driving with a determination that let nothing and no one stand in his way. Luke Oldfield went on to take the win, snaring some much needed series points, and, with double points on the line, setting us up for a truly epic finale next weekend. Ben Hilder led the first twelve laps of the A-Main last night, and looked very comfortable out in front until Oldfield arrived on the scene to deny him his first Sprintcar feature win. Hilder is not one for theatrics, he gets in and gets the job done, quietly, looking after the Q95 Motorguard Motorsport racer and, particularly this season, has developed a consistency that sees him well inside the top five in the track championship. Whilst Oldfield denied him a win last night, Hilder crossed the line in second, securing his first podium result in the Q95 car and beating the hard-charging duo of Bryan Mann and Cody Maroske across the line. Mann, who quick timed in qualifying earlier in the night, finished third to complete the podium, while Maroske and Michael Saller completed the top five.
  • Monday   May 7, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - Queensland Title - Night 2

    Mitchell Gee won the 2018 Queensland Sprintcar Title at Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night after a truly EPIC battle for the lead. Gee took control of the race from early leader Ryan Jones while the pair were navigating lapped traffic, and then fiercely defended his lead from a hard-charging Luke Oldfield. Oldfield and Gee exchanged the lead back forth numerous times in lapped traffic, putting on a completely captivating show as neither driver held anything back. The skill and professionalism shown by both drivers, as they fought each other for the Queensland Title, and the respect they showed each other, and the lapped traffic, meant that both drivers more than deserved the win. But, there can only be one Queensland Champion and this year that is Mitchell Gee. Luke Oldfield crossed the line in second while Bryan Mann, who had spent a significant portion of the race in second, faded to fourth, but made his way back around Andrew Scheuerle on a restart, two laps from the chequered flag, to snare third. Andrew Scheuerle, who for a number of laps challenged both Oldfield and Gee for the lead when they both got caught up behind a lapped car, crossed the line in fourth while Jayden Peacock rounded out the top five.
  • Sunday   May 6, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - Queensland Title - Night 1

    Last night Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway played host to night one of the 2017-2018 Queensland Sprintcar Title, with thirty-one Sprintcars set to battle it out. It was a somewhat unusual night at the Speedway, with Lachlan McHugh and Luke Oldfield some of the early casualties, but in the end it was Ryan Jones from South Australia who upstaged the locals and got the win the Preliminary A-Main. Jones had been strong all night, qualifying inside the top five before claiming a win and a fourth in his heats to place him highest on points going into the main race for the night. Jones started from pole position in the twenty-lap Preliminary Feature, before quickly securing the lead, and, twenty-laps later, the win. The battle raged behind him though, with Jayden Peacock running in second for most of the race with Michael Saller and Andrew Scheuerle close behind. Scheuerle was magnificent, focused and determined, the Ausdeck Patios Q25 racer boldly running the top, relentlessly working the top side as he tried to find a way around Saller, before turning his attention to Peacock. The battle between Peacock and Scheuerle was phenomenal, with Scheuerle eventually getting around the outside of Peacock with only a few laps to go. Andrew Scheuerle finished second with Jayden Peacock crossing the line in third to round out the Preliminary A-Main podium. Michael Saller and Peter Lack rounded out the top five, while Mark Pholi, who finished sixth, worked his way forward after starting from position twelve, showing incredible speed and challenging Lack for fifth late in the race.
  • Sunday   April 29, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - East Coast Logistics Series - Round 14

    Andrew Scheuerle extended his lead in the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series last night when he took the win in Round Fourteen at Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway. When the main race started Scheuerle fought Michael Saller for second, while Peter Lack led the opening laps. Once Scheuerle had taken second from Saller he turned his attention to Lack and set his sights on the race lead. It was starting to look like a truly epic battle, with Scheuerle determined and relentless on the bottom, and Lack, long overdue for some good fortune, consistent on the top side. Unfortunately for Lack a niggling issue with the brakes on the Mega Fuels Q5 racer resurfaced, and just ten laps into the thirty lap affair, with Scheuerle already having a massive look on the inside as they rounded turn four, Lack looped the car and handed control of the race to Scheuerle. Mitchell Gee and Luke Oldfield traded places several times as they tried to find a way past Saller, while Saller briefly challenged Scheuerle for position. Oldfield made his way into second, and challenged Scheuerle for the lead as they weaved their way through heavy lapped traffic, while Gee took third from Saller and set his sights on Oldfield. Saller regained third briefly late in the race, only for Gee to have a phenomenal drive on the bottom to get back underneath Saller and then, just one lap later, slip underneath Oldfield to take second. Oldfield raced around Gee with only a handful of laps to go, but there was nothing anyone could do to stop Scheuerle out in front. Whilst the battles raged fiercely behind him, Scheuerle remained smooth, determined and focused on getting the job done. Andrew Scheuerle got the win ahead of Luke Oldfield and Robbie Farr, who came on particularly strong in the final six laps and stole third from Gee. Mitchell Gee finished fourth, only narrowly missing a podium finish, crossing the line just behind Farr and losing the spot by just 0.192 seconds. Mark Pholi had a brilliant run in the final ten laps of the race, starting with an impressive passing move as he raced underneath Jayden Peacock and Bryan Mann as the trio rounded turn four. Mark Pholi would end up crossing the line in fifth, having made up five positions in the final ten laps of the race.
  • Sunday   April 22, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - USC Queensland Grand Final

    Sprintcars returned to Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba last night for the final night of the Queensland Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. And what a night it was! Sprintcars never fail to put on a thrilling show but last night had it all – from new track records, an entire championship that literally went down to the final race and which driver finished in front of the other and, potentially, which one of them led the final feature event for the most laps, to some monumental wrecks and disappointments – there were some incredible highs and some devastating lows, not to mention some of the most entertaining Sprintcar racing of the season. Robbie Farr and Luke Oldfield traded blows for virtually the entire A-Main race, with the lead changing several times as the pair navigated lapped traffic, but in the end it was Robbie Farr who got a hard fought and very much deserved win, and wrapped up the Queensland Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. For Farr it means a clean-sweep of the three Ultimate Sprintcar Championship around the country, having already taken out both the New South Wales USC and the South Australia USC, a mammoth effort and testament to not only his undeniable skill and consistency, but his, and his teams, commitment to the series across the country. Luke Oldfield crossed the line second last night, and secured second in the Queensland USC. He was absolutely phenomenal to watch last night as he held nothing back while challenging Farr, for not only the race lead but for the USC Queensland title as well. Sam Walsh finished third last night, rounding out the podium with Ben Hilder and Jayden Peacock completing the top five. Peacock also managed to secure third overall in the Queensland USC.
  • Sunday   April 15, 2018 Kicking Up The Dirt - East Coast Logistics Series - Round 13

    Despite somewhat questionable weather yesterday morning, the skies cleared into a beautiful afternoon, just perfect for a huge night of Sprintcar racing. Thirty-six Sprintcars rolled into Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway last night for Round 13 of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series and while the competition was fierce all night, at the end of the 30-lap A-Main event, it was Michael Saller who stood atop the podium. Saller, the only NSW registered driver in the field, started the feature event on the outside of pole-sitter Lachlan McHugh and quickly secured the lead. He withstood several challenges as the race wore on, even briefly surrendering the lead to Mitchell Gee late in the race, but Saller proved too good on the night and claimed top honours, with Mitchell Gee home in second, while Cody Maroske crossed the line in third, having taken the final podium position from Bryan Mann in the closing stages of the race. Mann finished fourth while Andrew Scheuerle made his way into fifth by the fall of the chequered flag after having started back in thirteenth. Peter Lack had a phenomenal drive from the rear of the field, crossing the line in sixth, after starting nineteenth, and salvaging some points on what was surely a trying night for the entire GW Racing Mega Fuels sponsored team. Lachlan McHugh, who initially ran second for several laps, was unable to finish the event after contact with a fellow competitor, while Luke Oldfield was relegated to the rear of the field only a few laps in after contact with Bryan Mann and was only able to climb his way back eighth by the fall of the chequered flag.
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