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  • Sunday   November 29, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Sprintcar Series - Round 3

    Sprintcars returned to Archerfield Speedway last night for a hectic and action-packed night of racing in Round Three of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series, with Lachlan McHugh again emerging victorious, claiming his sixth win of the season, in only eight races, with Luke Oldfield crossing the line in second after holding off a very hard-charging and in-form Callum Walker. Oldfield sat in second for most of the race, having started from pole position, except for a few laps mid race when Walker slipped through and into second, closing in ever so slightly on McHugh before Oldfield raced his way back to second a few laps later. Walker finished third to round out the podium, while Aaron Kelly and Kevin Titman completed the top five.
  • Sunday   November 22, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - Rumble on the Mountain

    Sprintcars Queensland headed to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for Rumble on the Mountain and what a night of Sprintcar racing it was. The main race started with a breath-taking battle for the race lead between Brent Kratzmann and Luke Oldfield, the pair exchanging positions back and forth relentlessly for several laps before Kratzmann settled into the race lead, only for Lachlan McHugh and Cody Maroske to join the fight, displacing both Oldfield and Kratzmann and going on to have their own intense battle for control of the race. The racing was brilliant, with an elated Cody Maroske getting the win at the conclusion of the thirty-lap affair and Lachlan McHugh forced to settle for second. Mitchell Gee managed to finish third and round out the podium, while early leader Brent Kratzmann crossed the line in fourth ahead of an impressive Tim Farrell who rounded out the top five, having made his way ahead of Luke Oldfield before the fall of the chequered flag.
  • Sunday   November 15, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Sprintcar Series - Round 2

    Lachlan McHugh was nothing short of sensational at Archerfield Speedway last night as he raced to his fifth victory in six starts so far this season, racing essentially unchallenged to the chequered flag in the main event. It looked almost effortless for McHugh as he quickly opened a sizable and unassailable lead on each restart before weaving his way past the back markers after only a few laps. Cody Maroske ran a solid second for the first third of the race, but got caught up with a lapped car and ended up out of contention, handing second to Luke Oldfield. Oldfield, having already finished second on five occasions this season, had nothing for McHugh but seemed very much on track to secure his sixth consecutive second until Callum Walker closed in as they navigated lapped traffic and began challenging Oldfield for position. Walker slid underneath Oldfield, only for Oldfield to return serve almost immediately with a caution following only moments later, handing second back to the Walker for the restart. Walker crossed the line in second with Oldfield relegated to third, while Mitchell Gee secured fourth ahead of Kevin Titman. Brent Kratzmann ran a solid sixth as they raced closer to the chequered flag, embroiled in a race-long battle with Aaron Kelly, with Kelly eventually getting up the inside of Kratzmann, the pair racing side-by-side across the line, with Kelly beating Kratzmann to the line by just 0.028 seconds.
  • Sunday   October 18, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Sprintcar Series - Round 1

    Last night at Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane Cody Maroske finally broke through for his maiden Sprintcar A-Main, while ending the winning streak of Lachlan McHugh, who had been, until last night, undefeated in the four feature events already conducted this season. Maroske was exceptional in the Q5 racer, sitting in second behind Luke Oldfield for nearly half the race before quickly closing in on Oldfield in lapped traffic and stylishly sliding underneath Oldfield as they rounded turns one and two just moments after the pair raced around a pair of back markers. Maroske from there was flawless and unstoppable, maintaining a small but very comfortable lead and going on to take a very well deserved win while Luke Oldfield was left to settle for second, again, for the fifth time in as many races so far this season. Aaron Kelly, who initially challenged Maroske for second early in the race, closed in on Oldfield as they raced closer to the chequered flag but could not quite get close enough to make a move, with Kelly crossing the line in third to round out the podium in his best result thus far in the 2020-2021 race season. Callum Walker and Kevin Titman had a truly thrilling battle for fourth and fifth, with Walker eventually securing the advantage and bringing the Q33 racer home in fourth with Kevin Titman rounding out the top five.
  • Sunday   October 11, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - Hi-Tec Oils Speedway - Round 2

    It was another action-packed night of Sprintcar racing at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba last night, ending in what is fast becoming a very familiar and consistent podium. Lachlan McHugh again stood on the top step at the end of the night after securing yet another win in the NQ7 car, with Luke Oldfield running second and Cody Maroske again finishing third, replicating the podium from the opening night of the season a fortnight ago. This time though Aaron Kelly managed to snare fourth, his first top five result this season, with Randy Morgan salvaging fifth after going to the rear of the field with twenty-laps to run.
  • Monday   October 5, 2020 Kicking Up the Dirt - Queensland Title - Night 2

    In what was a dramatic climax to the SRV Road Freight Services Queensland Sprintcar Title it was Lachlan McHugh who took the crown, successfully defending his Title and making it back-to-back state championships. It was not without a fight though with both Kevin Titman and Luke Oldfield pushing McHugh all the way to the line, the NQ7 racer under immense pressure for most of the race as first Titman, then Oldfield, sought their own taste of victory. Oldfield was forced to settle for second, the third time in as many races, while Titman faded to third and into the reach of a rather impressive Randy Morgan. Morgan and Titman raced side-by-side for several laps, with Morgan absolutely relentless as he raced around the high side while Titman ran the bottom. Kevin Titman crossed the line in third to fill the final Queensland Title podium position, with Morgan home in fourth ahead of Callum Walker in a very action-packed race with plenty of thrills and spills.
  • Sunday   October 4, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - Queensland Title - Night 1

    Sprintcars Queensland kicked off the Archerfield Speedway 2020-2021 race season last night with night one of our Queensland Title. Originally scheduled to have been run earlier in the year before the global health pandemic hit it was a long time coming but what a way to open the new season in Brisbane. By the end of the twenty-lap Preliminary A-Main the podium was a duplicate of the podium from Hi-Tec Oils Speedway last weekend, with Lachlan McHugh unstoppable in the NQ7 racer as he raced to victory ahead of Luke Oldfield and Cody Maroske. Brent Kratzmann this time secured fourth with Mitchell Gee completing the top five.
  • Sunday   September 27, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - Hi-Tec Oils Speedway - Opening Night

    We are BACK! Last night Sprintcars returned to Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba with a quality field of twenty Sprintcars hitting the track for the first race in South East Queensland in 196 days. Lachlan McHugh dominated most of the night and proved too quick in the feature, securing the win despite a valiant challenge from the always quick Luke Oldfield. Oldfield secured second, while Cody Maroske made his way into third to round out the podium after starting mid-field. Allan Woods crossed the line in fourth while Dylan Menz completed the top five on night one of the 2020-2021 race season.
  • Sunday   August 9, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - 2019-2020 Presentation Dinner

    It has been twenty-one long weeks since our last Sprintcar race meeting in South East Queensland and while our 2019-2020 season was cut short, and our annual end of season celebration was a little delayed, last night some of our finest headed to Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane for the 2019-2020 Season Sprintcars Queensland Presentation Dinner.
  • Sunday   March 15, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series - Round 13

    Sprintcars Queensland headed out to Ausdeck Archerfield Speedway last night for round thirteen of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series and while it was an action-packed night, the feature event was ultimately declared after just twenty-five laps due to the time curfew of the venue. Bryan Mann had dominated the first twenty-five laps after getting the better of Andrew Scheuerle on the start, with Mann running away from his rivals at each restart and making it look effortless as he weaved through lapped traffic. Bryan Mann was declared the winner with Aaron Kelly second, having displaced Andrew Scheuerle in the later stages of the race. Andrew Scheuerle finished third to round out the podium while Cody Maroske had a phenomenal drive in the Q5 racer to come home in fourth, with Callum Walker rounding out the top five after an epic battle with Luke Oldfield.
  • Sunday   March 1, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series - Round 12

    Sprintcars Queensland headed back to Ausdeck Archerfield Speedway last night for an action-packed round twelve of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series. After a thrilling thirty-lap main event with plenty of thrills and spills it was Lachlan McHugh who graced the top step of the podium. Kevin Titman was impressive in second with Mitchell Gee in third and Ryan McNamara and Callum Walker rounding out the top five. Early leaders Brent Kratzmann and Luke Oldfield both ended the night on the infield while Andrew Corbet was just four laps away from a podium finish when contact with Oldfield as they fought over third saw Corbet invert the Q78. Corbet was unscathed and even managed to restart and finish the event, but a podium result was unattainable.
  • Sunday   February 23, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - Mayor's Cup

    Sprintcars returned to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway last night for the Mayor's Cup and another round of USC Sprintcars, with Andrew Scheuerle standing victorious at the end of a gruelling and action-packed twin features format. Lachlan McHugh, who was relegated to the rear of the field after a spin early in the first feature, claimed second ahead of Bryan Mann, with Mitchell Gee securing fourth, despite inverting the N65 racer in qualifying, failing to record a qualifying time and missing the first round of heats. Danny Reidy completed the top five finishers, an impressive drive from the rear of the field after being relegated to the rear towards the end of the first feature while running inside the top three.
  • Sunday   February 16, 2020 Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series - Round 11

    Kevin Titman was victorious in Round Eleven of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series at Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway last night, racing past the chequered flag ahead of Aaron Kelly and Mitchell Gee. Early leader Lachlan McHugh, who had a thrilling battle with Titman for the race lead, eventually finished fourth while Tim Farrell completed the top five in an action-packed affair.
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