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Kicking Up The Dirt - ECL Series - Round 2
Joanne White posted Sunday October 20, 2019.

Last night thirty Sprintcars rolled into Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway for round two of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series. Steven Lines took the win at the end of the night, having assumed control of the race when early leader Brent Kratzmann collided with the wall exiting turn two with ten laps to run. Unfortunately for Kratzmann, who had looked so strong out in front, the collision with the concrete left him with enough damage on the Q2 racer to end his race. Lines inherited the race lead, and despite a fierce challenge from Luke Oldfield in the final few laps of the race, went on to take the win. Oldfield, who captivated the crowd as he weaved his way from eighth on the starting grid to boldly challenge for the lead, was forced to settle for second while Brent Aprile sat in third until the final lap when a deflated right rear with one lap to run saw him fade through the field, leaving Ryan McNamara to cross the line in third and fill the final podium position. Aaron Kelly finished fourth ahead of Bryan Mann.

When qualifying got underway it was Luke Oldfield who managed to secure the quickest time, locking in a 12.277 second lap with Steven Lines second (12.316) and Kevin Titman (12.382) third. Mitchell Gee showed great pace and locked in a 12.465 second lap, while Brent Kratzmann was fifth quickest in qualifying with a 12.651 second lap just enough to beat the 12.695 of Bryan Mann. Brent Aprile and Aaron Kelly were the only other cars to get into the twelve-second bracket, the track challenging after a morning of rain at the venue. The Development Series also joined us for the first time last night, with David Kenway the fastest of the seven Development Series cars in hot laps.

Heat one of the Development Series was first up on track, with Libby Ellis and Geoff Davey leading them to the green. Davey quickly secured the race lead and immediately began opening a sizable margin over Ellis who held down a strong second, leaving David Kenway and Ron Hendrickson to battle over the minor places. Justin Snellman briefly challenged Hendrickson mid field before being forced to defend his position from Cody Reynolds. Geoff Davey raced his way past several back-markers on his way to victory, the NQ74 racer taking the win ahead of Libby Ellis, David Kenway, Ron Hendrickson, Justin Snellman, Cody Reynolds and Erin Vanderreyden.

Heat one of the open Sprintcars started with Scott Genrich and Sean Rose from the front row, the pair leading the eleven-car field to the green. Genrich got a brilliant start and secured the advantage over Rose as they raced towards the first corner with Andrew Corbet getting up the inside of Randy Morgan and looking underneath Rose as they raced through turn one. Deeper in the field Luke Oldfield came together with Mitchell Gee as Oldfield tried to find a way past Aaron Kelly and Brent Kratzmann, forcing Andrew Baumber to take evasive action. Kelly managed to get ahead of Kratzmann, leaving Kratzmann and Oldfield to negotiate over minor positions mid-field, with Oldfield searching high and low for a way past. Mitch Gowland got underneath Oldfield when the Q17 ran a little too wide in turn three, only for Oldfield to fire straight back and slip back underneath Gowland, and Rose, as they rounded turn four. Mitchell Gee and Dan Murray battled at the rear of the field, with Murray doing an incredible job to hold off Gee, while closer to the front Oldfield closed in on Kratzmann and Kelly, and Randy Morgan challenged Andrew Corbet for position. Unfortunately for Morgan he promptly spun the Q54 racer in turn four and brought the race under caution. Genrich led the restart from Corbet and Kelly with five laps still to run, and while mid-field Kratzmann and Oldfield resumed their battle, there was little anyone could do about Genrich out in front. Corbet closed in on Genrich and briefly challenged him for the lead as the laps wore on, but it was Scott Genrich who got the win ahead of Andrew Corbet and Aaron Kelly. Brent Kratzmann successfully held off Luke Oldfield to finish fourth, with Oldfield home in fifth ahead of Mitch Gowland, Dan Murray, Mitchell Gee, Randy Morgan, Sean Rose and Andrew Baumber.

Adam Butler and Karl Hoffmans shared the front row for the start of heat two, with Butler getting the jump when the lights went green. Butler secured the lead with Hoffmans in second ahead of Ryan McNamara and Brent Aprile, while Callum Walker, in his first race back after a year and a half on the sidelines due to injury, faded a little on the start and was left battling with a hard-charging Kevin Titman mid field. Titman soon got the better of Walker and set out after Aprile, while behind them Bryan Mann and Steven Lines fought over minor positions as they closed in on Walker. Adam Butler got the win ahead of Karl Hoffmans and Ryan McNamara, with Brent Aprile successfully defending fourth from Kevin Titman. Titman crossed the line in fifth despite challenging Aprile all the way to the line, with Callum Walker, Bryan Mann, Steven Lines, Brett Minett, Tim Farrell and Brendon Claridge rounding out the finishers. Kristy Bonsey pulled out of the event after completing just two laps.

Justin Snellman and Ron Hendrickson shared the front row for the start of the second Development Series heats, with Snellman leading the way once the green flag flew. Hendrickson settled into second and withstood an early challenge from David Kenway, before Kenway surrendered third to a very much in-form Geoff Davey. Kenway briefly challenged Davey a few laps later, with Libby Ellis close behind and waiting for the opportunity to make her move. Kenway pulled out of the event having completed just three laps, engine woes onboard the #26 racer sadly curtailing his night of competition. Justin Snellman went on to take the win ahead of Ron Hendrickson and Geoff Davey, with Libby Ellis, Cody Reynolds and Erin Vanderreyden rounding out the finishers. David Kenway did not finish the event.

The third heat of the open Sprintcars started with Sean Rose from pole position and Scott Genrich sharing the front row ahead of Karl Hoffmans and Ryan McNamara. Genrich got the jump on the start and quickly secured the race lead while Rose held down second despite immediate pressure from McNamara. Hoffmans faded as Brent Aprile and Luke Oldfield raced around the top-side, and Bryan Mann slipped through on the bottom, with Aprile soon all over the back of McNamara. Oldfield and Mann managed to get underneath Aprile when the NQ42 racer ran a little too high through turn three, while Genrich surrendered the lead to Rose. It was short-lived for Rose though as McNamara was on his tail and did not hesitate when a small opening appeared on the inside of the race leader. McNamara took control of the race, leaving Rose with Oldfield now on his tail and Genrich fading back to mid-field. Steven Lines found his way past Brent Aprile as the pair tried to make their way in front of Genrich, while Bryan Mann challenged Rose for several laps, eventually getting around the outside as they rounded turn four with one lap left to run. Unfortunately for Mann the race was brought under caution just moments later after Tim Farrell spun the Q51 racer in turn two while attempting to find a way past the inside of Mitch Gowland. McNamara led the restart from Oldfield and Rose for a two-lap dash to the chequered flag. McNamara was exceptionally quick off the start, immediately opening a sizable margin on Oldfield, only for Oldfield to quickly close the gap and challenge for the lead with one lap left to run. Mann again took to the high side to get back around Rose but it was Ryan McNamara who got the win ahead of Luke Oldfield and Bryan Mann. Sean Rose finished fourth ahead of Steven Lines, Brent Aprile, Scott Genrich, Mitch Gowland, Karl Hoffmans, Andrew Baumber and Tim Farrell.

Heat four started with young guns Randy Morgan and Callum Walker from the front row, with Walker this time getting the better start and using the highline beautifully to secure the advantage. As Walker started opening a small lead over the rest of the field Morgan settled into second, while deeper in the field Kevin Titman began searching for a way past Mitchell Gee and Adam Butler. Titman had a bold look on the inside of Gee as they rounded turn four a few laps into the event, but could not quite get the job done, while Brent Kratzmann and Brett Minett closed in behind. Minett challenged Kratzmann, the Q94 racer having a brief look on the inside of Kratzmann as they rounded turn four, while Gee got momentarily caught behind Adam Butler. Titman was relentless as he chased Gee, soon sliding underneath Gee as they made their way through turn four before setting out after Butler. Callum Walker got the win when the chequered flag flew, leading Randy Morgan and Andrew Corbet across the line. Aaron Kelly came home in fourth while Kevin Titman managed to get the better of Adam Butler and secure fifth, leaving Butler in sixth ahead of Mitchell Gee, Brent Kratzmann, Brett Minett, Dan Murray and Brendon Claridge.

The feature event for the Development Series cars saw Geoff Davey and Justin Snellman share the front row for the start of the twelve-lap affair, with Davey securing the lead when the lights went green. As Davey started to open a small margin over the rest of the field, Snellman settled into second with Ron Hendrickson right on his tail. Hendrickson and Snellman negotiated over the minor positions for most of the race, while behind them Libby Ellis sat comfortably in fourth. Geoff Davey weaved his way through the back markers before taking the win a little over two seconds ahead of Ron Hendrickson in second. Justin Snellman finished third with Libby Ellis home in fourth and securing the final transfer to the back of the open Sprintcar B-Main event. Cody Reynolds and Erin Vanderreyden rounded out the Development Series feature finishers.

The pre-dash draw saw Brent Kratzmann immediately elevated from eighth to pole position, with Steven Lines to share the front row for the start of the six-lap affair. Lines got the jump on the outside and quickly secured the lead, leaving Kratzmann in second ahead of Andrew Corbet, Aaron Kelly and Luke Oldfield. Oldfield, who had been highest on points going into the Dash but drew position five for the start, took to the high line to try and get around Kelly, but ended up collecting the wall in turns three and four and pulling out of the event soon after. Ryan McNamara tried to close in on Aaron Kelly, while behind them Kevin Titman held nothing back as he challenged Bryan Mann for mid-field positions. Titman was absolutely relentless but in the end there was little he could do to get ahead of Mann. Steven Lines went on to take the win and earn pole position for the start of the main race, with Brent Kratzmann home in second ahead of Andrew Corbet, Aaron Kelly, Ryan McNamara, Bryan Mann and Kevin Titman. Luke Oldfield did not finish the event.

Thirteen cars hit the track for the twelve-lap B-Main, with Karl Hoffmans and Sean Rose leading them to the green. Hoffmans and Rose raced side-by-side towards the first corner but it was Rose on the high side who managed to secure the race lead. Brett Minett quickly slipped underneath Hoffmans as they rounded turn two to make his way into second, leaving Hoffmans to try and defend his position from Mitch Gowland. Dan Murray had a big but unsuccessful look underneath Brendon Claridge, but the race was brought to a sudden stop soon after when Andrew Baumber made heavy contact with the turn four wall and inverted the NQ2 racer in truly spectacular fashion. Fortunately Baumber was able to walk away from the wreck but sadly his night of racing was over. Rose led the restart from Minett and Hoffmans, with Gowland sitting in the fourth and final transfer position with Claridge right on his tail. Gowland quickly made his way underneath Hoffmans and into third, while deeper in the field Kristy Bonsey was defending her position from Geoff Davey and Ron Hendrickson. Claridge challenged Hoffmans for a number of laps before running too wide in turn four and giving Dan Murray the opportunity to slip straight through on the inside. Justin Snellman spun to a stop low on the track in turn four, bringing the race under caution with six laps still to run. Rose led the restart from Minett and Gowland, while behind them Claridge challenged Murray who in turn challenged Hoffmans, the trio fighting over the final transfer position. Sean Rose got the win and secured his place in the A-Main line-up, with Brett Minett, Mitch Gowland and Karl Hoffmans set to join him after finishing second, third and fourth respectively in the B-Main event. Dan Murray finished fifth ahead of Tim Farrell, Kristy Bonsey, Brendon Claridge, Geoff Davey, Ron Hendrickson, Libby Ellis and Justin Snellman. Andrew Baumber did not finish the event.

Steven Lines started the thirty-lap A-Main from pole position but it was Brent Kratzmann from position two who got the better start when the green flag flew, the immaculately presented Q2 racer surged into the race lead and immediately started to open a sizable margin on the rest of the drivers. Aaron Kelly settled into third behind Lines, while Andrew Corbet held down fourth and Bryan Mann, Ryan McNamara and Luke Oldfield negotiated over the minor positions. Kratzmann had remarkable speed out in front, opening a quarter of a lap lead over Lines in just a few circulations, while Lines gained several car lengths on the rest, but it was the action behind the leading duo that captivated the crowd. Callum Walker settled back into a Sprintcar nicely, but surrendered a position to the always competitive Brent Aprile, while just ahead of them Kevin Titman challenged Luke Oldfield as Oldfield tried to find a way past Ryan McNamara. Kratzmann began weaving his way through lapped traffic, making it look easy, and while Lines managed to close in as the traffic thickened, Kratzmann appeared unstoppable. Lines had a big look underneath Kratzmann as they raced through turn four, but Kratzmann refused to surrender control and not only managed the maintain the lead, but promptly started putting lapped cars between himself and Lines. Oldfield and Titman continued trying to find a way past McNamara, eventually capitalising on a rare mistake by the young #88 pilot, the pair slipping through underneath when McNamara ran too wide in turn four. Callum Walker and Mitchell Gee battled deep in the field, while Oldfield tried to find a way past Andrew Corbet. Corbet was having a brilliant run but soon surrendered his position to Oldfield, before contact with a hard-charging Kevin Titman a couple of laps later saw Corbet invert the Q78 racer and bring the race to a stop, with Bryan Mann also involved after being left nowhere to go. While Corbet was unscathed in the crash, he race was unfortunately over. Officials relegated Kevin Titman to the rear of the field on the restart for his part in the stoppage.

Brent Kratzmann led the restart from Steven Lines and Aaron Kelly with fourteen laps left to run. Kratzmann again set a brilliant pace, immediately opening a lead of several car lengths on Lines and the rest of the field, while further back in the field Brent Aprile began challenging Luke Oldfield for fourth as Oldfield set his sights on Kelly, and, from the rear of the field, Kevin Titman began to try to work his way forward. Oldfield took to the high line coming out of turn two a few laps into the restart, making his way around Kelly and into third before turning his attention to chasing down Lines, leaving Kelly to try and defend his position from Brent Aprile. Kelly did a tremendous job and managed to hold the NQ42 racer for a few laps, but ultimately surrendered the position, only to find Ryan McNamara now on his tail. Callum Walker and Bryan Mann battled mid-field, while it all came unstuck for race leader Kratzmann when he slammed the wall coming out of turn two with ten laps still to run. Unfortunately for Kratzmann not only did he surrender the lead to Lines, but he pulled out of the event just half a lap later. Lines had a sizable lead with Oldfield now in second, while mid-field Aaron Kelly was coming under increasing pressure from Callum Walker and Bryan Mann. Unfortunately for Walker a deflated right rear tyre saw him slow to a stop on the high line in turn four and bring the race under caution with seven laps still to run.

Steven Lines led the field back to green light conditions with Luke Oldfield second ahead of Brent Aprile, Ryan McNamara and Aaron Kelly. McNamara challenged Aprile, unsuccessfully, while Kelly again came under fire from Mann and Mitchell Gee. Mann managed to get around Kelly as they raced down the back straight, before joining Aprile and McNamara in the battle for third. Mann got too high in turn one, clipping the wall a couple of times and dropping back a few positions, while McNamara had a massive look on the inside of Aprile. Oldfield thrilled the crowd when he attempted a breath-taking run up the inside of Lines with one lap left to run, but Lines withstood the pressure and hung on to get the win. Steven Lines was first past the chequered flag in round two of the East Coast Logistics Sprintcar Series, with Luke Oldfield home in second. Unfortunately for Brent Aprile he joined the list of drivers who suffered flat right rear tyres, his right rear lasting until one lap before the end of the race. Aprile had been sitting in third but a deflated right rear tyre saw him fade quickly as the rest of the field came through. Ryan McNamara secured third ahead of Aaron Kelly and Bryan Mann, with Mitchell Gee, Kevin Titman, Adam Butler, Mitch Gowland and Sean Rose completing the top ten. Brent Aprile crossed the line in eleventh and was the last car to greet the chequered flag. Callum Walker, Brent Kratzmann, Randy Morgan, Andrew Corbet, Scott Genrich, Brett Minett and Karl Hoffmans all failed to finish the action-packed A-Main.

Sprintcars Queensland will take next weekend off before returning to Ausdeck Patios and Roofing Archerfield Speedway on Saturday 02 November 2019 for another night of Sprintcar Racing. See you all trackside!


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